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 Shortness of breath .. But not because of asthma

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PostSubject: Shortness of breath .. But not because of asthma   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:06 am

Stare lung disease specialist to Kimberly Ford insight, while it raises questions, which leaves no doubt as to what beats inside of suspicion: was looking for an excuse not to go to work or school? Was it frustrating? Did you use unauthorized drugs?
Hit Kimberly Ford, a student working at the Institute of Nursing Center «Reed and Ali Larter» Army Medical Center, surprising, as she answers every question from the questions that the word «No» inconclusive.

Ended the lung specialist, who had previously told her she was ill with asthma, his frank assessment that said: «I think that the problem is all in your mind and you need to visit a doctor myself». She recalls Ford, who is now 32 years old, a lung specialist told her this. In response, says she started to cry.

* Strange symptoms

* Since then, she wondered whether it was likely to be a specialist right in his opinion, in the previous month, the greater the group symptoms of alien you are experiencing, most notably the shortness of breath, worse, ever so, and had a gnawing feeling that there is a serious mistake. However, the lung specialist, doctor or esoteric that it had circulated about 12 times in the previous eight months, they were unable to detect any error, other than asthma, and a description of drugs did not help her in her recovery from it.

However, asthma was the only disease that Ford was fully sure that they are not infected with it. Was infected by her mother, I have spoken to Ford by saying: «The case of asthma, which I suffer of them at their worst are nothing when compared to the situation that you are suffering from illness».

After less than a month later Ford with a specialist in lung diseases, July 2009, revealed a series of dramatic events of the reason for shortness of breath experienced by, a diagnosis that changed her life forever.

The afternoon of the premiere with the approach of the celebration of Thanksgiving in 2008, when Ford began to feel the strain in an unusual situation. She was working full-time, as she was attending the lectures at the University of Trinity College of Nursing in Washington, but the sense of fatigue seemed unnatural. In some cases, she felt that her legs are very heavy-as if the pieces of heavy bricks tied to them.

During the training in the «Kerves», where you go four or five times a week, Ford was in some cases to stop in the middle of the road. Have noted some of the stress of this situation and asked her: «Do you get to sleep enough?».

In January, (January) 2009, consult the doctor that follow the inner condition, which has a quick check to them. And reassure them by saying: «Everything seems fine and maybe you're a tremendous amount of work than my energy».

But within a month, Ford began to appear on the symptoms of new disease. Began to feel dizzy and short of breath; As is the case with the feeling of fatigue, the two bids was sporadic. Has again visited her doctor internal medicine, which conducted a comprehensive physical examination of her, along with drawing of the heart, and did not find anything out of the ordinary.

* Fatigue, dizziness

* By the month of March (March), increased symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath, dizziness together. It was not her colleagues at work, for the most part, sympathetic with them. Ford says: «I thought I was lazy». And suggested the practice exercises. It seemed certain, that is something, where it had canceled its membership in the gym because they no longer have the ability to exercise possible.

At times, she felt a state of vulnerability is not natural. On one occasion, while she was helping a patient to wear his clothes, I was surprised as the sweltering. Although this patient was weighed about 100 pounds only (pound is about 453 g), the Ford says: «I felt as if I was trying to move the truck».

Has arranged an appointment with another doctor internal medicine. Ford says: «At this moment, I experienced a state of panic, because it seemed clear that something is wrong; her stomach seemed swollen, and sometimes her legs seemed to this case as well. After five visits to the doctor, internal medicine, the referral to a specialist lung.

In the first visits to a specialist lung in April (April), I told him about the strange symptoms last Antaptha: It took to sleep for 36 hours during the work. She said she also told him that she had felt the weight in her chest. After conducting several tests, lung specialist told her that she suffers from asthma caused by exercise and described Boukhakhtin. Has caused the deterioration of her condition further.

* Fainting and pain

* In June, the doctor summoned the inner two of her collaborators, and carried out the examination on Ford, which had increased in weight by 25 pounds in the previous six months. Since then, she left her apartment and moved to another, accompanied by her parents, where they were not able to withstand the rise of three roles, even up to her apartment. Ford said: «When I see the stairs, imagine towering mountains». It was conducted on the same to work, unable to continue on her feet to the lobby without stopping.

The three doctors could not discover anything and told Ford that the excess weight and asthma caused by exercise and muscular effort may have been the reason behind the symptoms you are experiencing. In July, she visited again lung specialist, who asked her to visit a psychiatrist.

After less than three weeks ago, Ford suffered a coma at work, then returned to consciousness to feel severe pains in her chest. And barely able to lead her back to her home, where he learned later that they may lay in a state of exhaustion on the sofa and her parents. Remember and then wake up to find herself in the emergency room in the center of Washington Medical Center, where he was transported there by ambulance.

The doctors were giving her morphine injection to relieve chest pain suffered by them: and I lost consciousness again breathing tubes were installed them because they were experiencing difficulty in breathing. Was then converted to the Washington Hospital Center and the largest in size and potential; records has shown that it has reached in the case described as the «total lack of response».
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Shortness of breath .. But not because of asthma
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