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 Overwhelming response to food addiction is similar in its effect on the brain

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PostSubject: Overwhelming response to food addiction is similar in its effect on the brain   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:08 am

Confirmed by researchers from Yale University in the study, published in the journal «Archives of General Saikatri» (Archive psychiatric year) that some individuals may be addicted to effectively foods, are similar to the addiction some people take certain substances, such as taking medications drugs or alcohol, and that their behavior is most likely status of addiction carries the same neural activity in specific regions of the brain to the image itself as it looks addicts of drugs or alcohol.
And can be likened to that by saying: You and your status in the event of a cup of milk chocolate in front of the local food addict, Vsiatml in his brain the same as what happens if you put a bottle of wine to alcohol addict! The researchers said: One-third of American adults suffer from obesity, while diseases are associated with obesity second reason is the main cause of death, which was able to prevent it, but unfortunately the majority of treatments for obesity do not help get rid of excess weight in the long term; because the majority of patients regain their weight during the previous 5 years.

On the basis of a lot of similarities in neurological function associated with addiction and obesity, suppose the owners of the theory that the processes of addiction may be linked to obesity pathogen.

Cause the food and drug release of dopamine in the mesolimbic regions in areas of the brain, and the degree of release these are associated with reward obtained from each of the human food or drugs.

It is believed that the authors of the research study is the only study, to the present, looking at the association between neural relations to eating behavior similar to the addiction. They argued that some previous studies that showed images of delicious food can stimulate the activity of certain brain centers happiness in the image itself that can be raised by alcoholism. However, this latest study is the first to differentiate between food addiction and bulimia eating.

On the other hand, the study team, consisting of Ashley S. Gerhart and M. Phil, to study the relationship between the symptoms of food addiction and neural activity. Was evaluated as a measure of food addiction nights to food addiction Yale Food Addiction Scale, at the time of the measurement of neural activity through functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Study conducted on 48 women in response to stimuli that indicate the arrival of delicious food, such as chocolate milk drink compared with a solution to the control group (syrup does not taste it), and compared also between what is going through their consumption of chocolate milk drink and drink tasteless.

Select nights to measure food addiction 15 women have made the results of the behavior of high eating-like addiction. The posts of the 48 young women between the weight between fitness and thin.

The scientists discovered the relationship between food addiction and the great activity in the amygdala of the brain amygdala, frontal cortex diaphragmatic medial orbitofrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex anterior cingulated cortex when you know the approach and arrival of delicious food.

Have shown women with food addiction more active in the prefrontal cortex compared Balochriat least an addiction to food, and have low activity in the frontal cortex while the diaphragm were taking the Otamthen favorites.

The study authors explain that the results of food addicts were related to more active areas that play a role in the encrypted value of the incentive a catalyst in response to indicators of food. The cortex of the anterior cingulate cortex and frontal diaphragm a significant impact on nutrition and drug consumption among addicted individuals.

Overall, these results support the theory that addiction to eating may be partly stems from the prospect of a promotion of the attributes in the food with great rewards for everyone. Similarly, the addicted individuals are expected to be more interactive aspects of the physical, psychological and behavioral stimuli Admnoha materials.

The study concluded that «this may be the first time that you study the link between indicators of addictive eating behavior with a special form to stimulate the nervous system. The current study provides evidence that the biological variations that are associated with diversities measured objectively measure the degree of addiction to food nights, and then confirm the scale.

If some foods addictive received by the other, may explain in part the difficulty experienced by some people to get rid of some excess weight. If the food stimuli stimulate the driving characteristics in a manner similar to drug cues and efforts to change the current food environment may be crucial in getting rid of extra weight and prevention efforts. And makes the declaration in place for food and the availability of fast food at low prices is very difficult to commit to one sound nutritional habits; because the stimuli of food scattered everywhere stimulate the reward system
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Overwhelming response to food addiction is similar in its effect on the brain
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