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 Steps in the way of success

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PostSubject: Steps in the way of success   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:23 am

Steps in the way of success
Different concept of success from one person to another but all of these concepts converge in the desire of all of us to satisfy itself and accomplish what aspires to, regardless of the nature of this ambition in order to achieve this ambition and satisfy the self-will to all of us to do some steps to help him succeed in his life
These steps include:
1 / desire to succeed it must be a person with a sincere desire to change for the better and the first and most important step is to take the decision to move forward in the way of success.

2 / self-esteem because we have to assess ourselves and appreciation of our humanity and understand that we humans are exposed to the success and failure, so we enjoy the moments of success and failure to take advantage of errors in the times to come.

3 / self-confidence, as must all of us confidence in himself and his abilities and belief in entitlement to take his chance in this life no matter what its capabilities are limited, as no conditions Vlnagah.

4 / goal setting, a move the process in the way of success is determined for us the stages followed in Trina this, but it is very important in determining these goals broken down into stages of a simple and a plan of realistic time-specific implementation of each stage and Dermn amend this plan if there has been a change in circumstances and the more were each stage was a short-term make us feel better because they result in less time gives us an incentive to continue

5 / learn from mistakes and make a basket and tell us to teach us lessons in the times ahead and we must always remember that it does not taste of success did not come from that after the failure and that these errors are guiding us in the times to come.

6 / Shooting good opportunities sometimes find one of us has the opportunity were not present before, but in Kathy often causes frequency over the loss of this opportunity before us, so we have and when facing a new opportunity balancing the pros and cons of this opportunity and the comparison between the present reality and future meditator after this opportunity and choose the best of them.

7 / good management of financial and human resources available in ways that contribute to the achievement of the target as the financial and psychological stability are important elements in order to achieve success.

8 / determination and effort they must each of us to do everything possible in order to achieve his goal of avoiding despair and frustration which may lead to take a step back and remember always after every achievement you to reward yourself and feel yourself the importance of this achievement and that was simple and to the importance This achievement in Tqrepk your goal giving you a strong motivation to continue.
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Steps in the way of success
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