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 Education in the Qur'an

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PostSubject: Education in the Qur'an   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:26 pm

If we look at the Qur'an, it also contains provisions verses include a set of dialogues, high-end and aim between parents and children and between children and parents, and take these texts fraught Gmomoaaz great methods of awareness and educational balanced in the education of children, even if we take the example of these dialogues, the Qur'an educational and some of the these commandments: the commandments for the wise Luqman to his son, which includes means effective in rearing children.

I will try to touch these commandments are very brief. God says in His Book Aziz: {The Eattina to Qmn wise to thank God and thank I just thank for himself and whoever disbelieves, Allah sang Hamid * Having said Qmn to his son, he was advising him is built not involve God that trap of a great injustice * And We have enjoined Alansn Baldeh his mother, and here They and the season in two years give thanks to Me and Oldak destiny * The Jhadak that involve me what you have no knowledge, then obey them in the world kindly, and follow the path of the turns to and then to Me in what ye * built it be but the weight of a grain of mustard Vtkn in a rock or in Alsmot or in the ground to come by God that God gentle expert * built Stay Asaloh and enjoining what is good and he is evil, and patient on what happened to you that that the determination of things * not Tassar cheek of people do not walk on the ground fun for Allah loves not each braggart boaster * I mean in your walk and Agdd of your voice that denied Asot to the voice of donkeys *} The God among us in the previous verses he gave wisdom to Luqman, and here, all what it says in this regard, it is wisdom, therefore, we see that God may save us those commandments in the Quran Quran and to be immortalized through the rule of the worlds.

We went though the definition of wisdom is the mind and intellect and science in injury to say. Now, if we look at some of the verses in which the advice and guidance we will be able to collect a set of educational values ​​that aim that we have to be such an approach Quima Educational, and in the verse: {And if Luqman said to his son, he was advising him}, that this verse indicates the need to sit in the father with son, always preaching and Altouhah and education, so that the phrase "he was advising him" nominal phrase indicates constancy and permanence and stability are among the current show, "Luqman" good parent. On the other hand, the path to education needs a means of enticing and suspense and recall the reward and punishment, and this is not an easy task but a great and arduous task entrusted to parents.

If we think a little bit in the style of Luqman when he said to his son: "My son," we see that he used the style beloved of the same, and let him think that he loves and he does not advise him only out of fear he and his commitment to his favor, and here we have to think educators not to use abusive language, but they have to Atfnnoa beautiful words in the use of high-end function on respect, compassion and love.

As well as learn from the verses need to come up with alternatives when prohibition boys After it forbade Luqman for creation reprehensible of arrogance came the Qur'an and making us a plate of humility even said: "I mean in your walk" after he said, "do not walk on earth fun," By the grace of our Islamic religion it puts the balance against the alternatives are always forbidden.

In addition, it reminds us of the need to reform the conscience of the Discussion contained because Allah is Aware of all Maijul in the self but as a grain of mustard, all birds of prey know about God, and knows even Maidor in the ground and in the seven heavens.

He hopes that his son be like a mountain, and to treat people kindly!

Were the first sermons Luqman on the issue of unification and the fight against polytheism, and the second is for a business account and the resurrection, and that complement the loop and the resurrection, says: (my son it be but the weight of a grain of mustard Vtkn in a rock or in the heavens or the earth to come by God), ie in the Day of Resurrection The set for the account (God is a cute expert).

And «Mustard»: a plant has beads black very small set an example Besgrha, and this expression to indicate that the work of good and evil, no matter how small of no value, no matter how subtle Kkhrdlh in the belly of rock in the depths of the earth, or in a corner of the sky, God Latif expert who is familiar with all the assets, large and small all over the world, attended the account, punishment and reward, do not miss anything in this account. In an interview from Imam Baqir peace be upon him: "Fear Mahaqrat of sin, they have a student"

And forget to remind him we need to reduce the sound and to mediate in the acts and words, and almost from raising his voice a voice donkeys, because God honored the animals and raised the matter with them, and advised us not to arrogance, this is such reprehensible abhorred by God and men, and arrogant do not learn and be guided.

They said:
And if we Jabbar torticollis cheek we have a tendency of .. So, you Alassar originally suffered by camels in the so-chaired wrapped necks and twist their heads perish after that.

After the arbitration foundations and the resurrection, which is the basis of all religious beliefs, he turned to Luqman to the most important business, any matter of prayer, he said: (My son, I do pray) because prayer is the most important relationship and correlation with the Creator, and pray enlighten your heart, and liquidate your soul, and light up your life, and cleanse your soul the effects of sin, throw the light of faith throughout your existence, and prevent you from evil and immorality.
And after the prayer addresses Luqman to the most important social constitution, ie the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, he says (and he is good and evil).
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Education in the Qur'an
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