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 Parents care for their children

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PostSubject: Parents care for their children   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:27 pm

My talk to you, O father jealous of the gift may turn a curse! Grant and may turn against the plight, and may be tender misery! They are children!! This soft buds, and livers by walking on the ground, which, if not improve the sponsorship of the father might have wished he had not kicking them and that it was futile - we ask God for safety and wellness ... I write this not out of pessimism, but a matter of fact, the viewer, how much of a father was not known by the police, did not enter their positions only loved his liver. How much of a father did not come out tears and humiliation in front of men never liking, but his sons did not pay it, but how much of the father and his sons enter prison cells - we seek refuge in Allah from the disobedient -... Father compassionate, if you want to recognize the righteousness of the children and tasting the sweetness of Nfhm Farbthm life remaining is not mortal, let WebMaster to meet them in the palaces of heaven and tents and Era├║kha, not to be WebMaster fattening their bodies and clothing, and remember that many families Staatmzk tomorrow on the path if beaten aboard the hell ... Those families that they were only minimum patron! His main concern the presence of his son to school, even if absent from the mosque, his main concern the high rate and his grades even decreased the level of faith and morals, his main concern may own in the lower house to collect his sons, which, even if his children are walking in their lives to the valleys of the fire left the statutes, and violation of the sanctity, his main concern that the successor to the people of wealth and money, even if know they may have hired them to disobey God. This worn-defunct Education does not tell you Father Barham and Nfhm not in this life, nor in the Hereafter ... So I urge you, O Father Pitier several commandments may be that worked out not deprive them of happiness on earth, and joy on their offer, and meet with them reclining on couches in the Gardens of bliss.

** First Commandment: *** more than pray for them to goodness and guidance, and beware of the supplication to them, does not mean the devils among the jinn and mankind for your children, do not despair of proselytizing. "Hearts are between two fingers of Rahman turns them as He wills" The heart of your son will not be harsher than the heart of 'Umar ibn al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him - which was released on his conversion to Islam wants to kill Muhammad - God and prayers be upon him - what sets the sun that day, however, Muhammad - upon him and peace - I love people the blessing of his supplication to him - peace be upon him.

** Second Commandment: *** You pools Babek Father and mother, the land of religion, the lent Astofith parents of your children many times, and only Vstcherb brimming cups of disobedience "Barwa Abankm Tbarakm your children." With your parents so do what you love your children do it for you tomorrow. Sow seeds under their feet and what you want to Thsdh of your children tomorrow. ** The third commandment: *** Beware that you share in the upbringing of a satellite channel or sitters bad, what is planted and Sagath in years may burn a snapshot in the series, or a scene from a movie or a picture whore offered by a colleague, save wholeheartedly, especially - the eye and the ear - they two windows to heart, that launched in the Sacred not upright you raise, and will not recognize land, and will collapse all the building of virtue you want to be a buffer in them, so that the eye or ear that is weighed, it must be looking vagina than extinguish the flames of those looks, promiscuous those tones forbidden.

** Fourth Commandment: P *** I'm fed them "Any body that is nourished by haraam things, first by the Fire," What is Pond removed many of the children but due to the top of the Sacred, how much of a father he admired the strength of his sons was Gmahm land, and learned that these children may be tomorrow a thorn in the side, and a lump in his throat and cause misery in this world and the Hereafter, because of the misfortune that haram money, Fear God, O Father in halaal income, and I know that the doors of earning the Sacred has varied and numerous, Interest, and bribery, and theft of working hours, and arrested the value of the assignment and you are sitting in your home ... The doors are all haraam income, Votab restaurant.

** Fifth commandment: *** Be a good example for your children do not cut off for the creation and come like him, do what you want them to see them, and has committed sin by Fasttr do not speak openly, the son had a love of mountain simulation of his father. Beware that instilled in his character earns you regret tomorrow, how much of a son who was the cause of the deviation sin emulated his father Vordth peril.

** Sixth Commandment: *** not preoccupied with their understanding of the real head of the owner, to be with you or be with them, it distracted them with good and evil are only Hgluck, kindergartens Olhakhm Paradise "memorizing the Koran," take them to the houses of God and to link Erhamk, pushed them away from the life of the soft and luxury, you have serious graduate education, men, young men are not feminine to the nearest of them to manhood. If the reasons have been made good, God did not write them guidance not harm you because you astray significant extension and you do not have success and guidance. I ask God to fit us and you will and Atomic "Our Lord Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring the comfort of the eyes and make us an Imam to the pious."

We ask Allah to us and your guidance and help and guide
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Parents care for their children
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