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 Advice for parents in guiding children to pray

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PostSubject: Advice for parents in guiding children to pray   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:28 pm

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions
After: This is a summary of the booklet has released a book titled (experiments for parents to accustom the children to prayer) which brought together the experiences and realistic on the subject ...
And settled for a list of experiences to express themselves .. But here I am pleased to present the fragrance of those experiences, and its conclusion blended with flowers and basil. I must also warn the reader that when the word (and your child - your children), I mean the male and female) as well as the mean of young adults sometimes and sometimes not forget that and let's start now ..

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

1 - your dedication to accustom your children to pray, and Aptgaak the face of God and the Hereafter blow your energies, and makes you like a mountain does not bow to the wind and weather at your children.
2 - have awakened certainty the presence of the angel of death at any moment.
3 - to cooperate with your neighbors, take their children to the mosque at times, and take your children to the mosque at times, a compact of their children to pray in the mosque during the absence of their father, and Osm your children during your absence, or when they see them playing in the street at the time of prayer.
4 - when you raise your child to Almighty Allah's saying: {Did not know that God sees Vsasali} when it is absent. This means that you will develop him self-censorship through the development of worship and devotion to God alone, so you do not pray out of fear but out of respect and love, desire and awe of God. Do not be those who return his children to watch and is believed to instill in them the divine control Fterahm do not pray only Bhoudrth This gliding dangerous in Education Farbthm always in God and your not you.
5 - do not appear to despair of reform and child in front of it strengthens the insurgency, and the despair of the Mercy of Allah Almighty's mistrust of him contrary to Tawheed.
Ibn al-Qayyim Allhvmn droop of his mercy, and despaired of his soul, he thought it bad thought).
6 - a scientific study or a sermon to members of the family hosted one of the parents, children or one adult male or female. Once a week for half an hour, that it lasts, there is little permanent good of the many interrupted, this lesson you will find ripe fruit in your children, God willing.
7 - Father absent in the (business travel .. .. .. patient in the hospital, divorce), your children went to the phone to make them feel the importance of the matter.
Some parents conciliators when they travel to work and the like related to his children and conversing each and every one of them directly and ask for prayer.
8 - fear of a bad end, and Rgbhm good conclusion.
9 - Be serious in your order for your children to pray, to pray and leave them sometimes, but compel them by.
10 - feet on the matters of the Hereafter worldly matters in all circumstances and conditions for your child to get used to and there is no room for competition between them. The performance of the prayer on time is more important than homework. And the realization of the first rak'ah understand the game of football, and the observance of prayer times into account the most important of a friend or a phone call or a program on television.
11 - abandonment if not work and comes with good results, otherwise not.
12 - Contact and cooperation with school teachers to demonstrate the continuing importance of prayer and the punishment one who Abandons it, ask them with the students about conservation, what harm or parameter They asked if the teacher every day three of the students individually:
Did you pray Fajr today?
13 - Apta your child some coloring books available in libraries and pictures that show how the ablution and prayer practice, and contains some of the dhikr.
14 - hugs, kiss, pat on the shoulder, the survey on the back, emotional communication, gives the parents to encourage their children to pray after them they are in performance, singing for thousands of gifts.
15 - Do you wear you and your child when they wake him for prayer?
Do not you ... There are many solutions to try it with him
* Fondling speak.
* Pat on the back and clear his head.
* I remember him so good news is active and fly him to sleep .. like to go today ... Saotina so and so today, we have succeeded in .. Contact you ..
* Leave it to sleep and then return to it after five minutes or three, and so if there is plenty of time.
* Turn off the air-conditioning.
* Lights.
* Spray spray water on his face when needed.
* Pray: "God then explain your chest" and the like.
* Wants to, rehab, and said if God says to him: "Prayer is light for you in your grave" "Arise, O and I have, however, there is no committee or a fire"
* Slide the cover .. , And shake gently with your child and call him.
* Bring your children to the alarm clock made the call to prayer.
* Do not say I wake up for school, but say: I wake up for Fajr prayer.
* Intimate with your children and wake them Aabhm when to pray and you pray on the frequency of the verses or speeches, or some of the songs. This method is proven successful, provided that the verses and hadiths remind them of humility and sense of meaning (ie, out of your heart) ..
* When awaken your children to pray so as not to follow them sleep elsewhere.
* Develop a special bonus for those who wake up first .. And pray first.
* Kavye generosity of the following brothers and shaken for prayer.
* Finally, if you beat Oeitk trick (1) those who reach the tenth, then you hit them because you Trahmhm their bodies to burn in hell.
16 - commented the hearts of your children in God .. In other words, infuse the principles of uniformity among them) love of God and His Messenger .. And obey them, and fear and hope, and faith) and helps it to talk to them about the unification of the Godhead, the divinity, the names and attributes, Valtouhad such as the head of the body and the application commands legitimacy comes only from the body of true monotheism, particularly the prayer, it need to Msaberh and strong faith.
17 - Dear Father you prestige in the hearts of your children may not have a mother like her when you are home and ordered them to proceed to your own prayer .. Do not make the job full on the mother alone.
18 young boys usually need to be reminded to pray when entering the time .. You should not get bored and Txl about it.
Because we find often that the child of worshipers, but he does not control or prayer times by playing setting calls only to be reminded of ..
There is a big difference between those who pray, if a male and between those who refuse to pray, even if said .. Perhaps the (post recall) is the initial phase of the insert to keep praying, but the stage may be long to wait for years, and then followed by the stage of prayer and scruples internal needs no reminder.
19 - Dear Parents:
Does not support any one over the other in the education of Oladkma to pray, because both of you in charge of commissioned individually and ask him is what he did? Why did not the other? ..
Prepared a response to the question.
Some parents say their mother neglected and left the job.
Some mothers say their father does not help me and get lost in the Secretariat Aadhiran this before God.
20 - seek reward from Allah in: Educational and your child to pray, and the significance for good, he said, the Messenger of God peace be upon him: ((who tells the best is like the one who does it)) Narrated by Muslim.
See how many times your child is going to pray in his life?
And how if you have a number of children?
How many good deeds Static five times a day? Not to mention salaries and redundancy.
21 - at the beginning of Tauiedk to pray for your child prefers to be an instant bonus on every duty performed by, for example, a small piece of candy ..
Then become the reward of the five daily homework together .. and when your child starts and to maintain self-weekly prayer and then make a monthly bonus as it deems appropriate to the situation .. With moderation in the reward, and recalled that divine mandate.
22 - Link between your love and your hatred for your children and their wallets to pray, and Valahb closest to your heart is praying, loving and less tolerated as prayer.
Do a lot of parents in the academic excellence and the lack of it, and pray first.
23 - When you are out of your child's absence or you send him a message to his mobile phone to remember the prayer when the time for words is beautiful and impressive.
24 - tell them that prayer does not fall even in the event of war, fear and disease ..
Knowledge fearful prayer, and were it not for the importance of prayer for the fallen and fearful for the patient, including how health and safety ..?
25 - Use the method of denial sometimes.
Is of two types:
Emotional: interest and the direction faced. And material: Kahudah or go with you.
26 - moderate praise when Kalojaddad relatives, and cousins, and uncles, who in years, all this encourages him to prayer and good deeds.
27 - no matter how the parents were lenient with their children to have them order the prestige of their children when they pray and Eetmar Jhahma and anger to God if they noticed neglected.
28 - Bring your children to the tapes (video) teaching attractive for ablutions and prayer.
29 - Create a competition between the sons of neighbors to keep praying in the mosque, put a good reward.
30 - do your children's requests for reasonable condition to perform the prayers on time and to not be steady.
31 - I remember the stories your children to people they know how to pray, leaving their lives? Morals, not Tovaiqam .. Darkness in their faces.
32 - do not encourage them to go to the mosque only, but early on it.
33 - individual session with your child in his room or your room to remember and pray like bear good results, God willing.
34 - after reaching the tenth child and use the battery when needed, and not a punishment is not torture, and Dwabth legitimacy. Do not be who hit his son if the futility of its objectives if you do not beat him up. Fagill for himself and not angry God.
35 - Let your child benefit and enjoy the excursions organized by the collective cycle of memorizing the Koran in the mosque, or with the youth of good citizens, to exercise to maintain the prayers on time in practice, and acquire the qualities of good direct friction with the righteous.
36 - KUNA Father .. Mother Oladkma to set a good example, be more than that pray regularly and pray at the first time.
37 - promises to your children to remind each other to pray .. And goodness not only one of them himself, but he must think his brothers, especially in Salah and Muslims in general.
38 - Type some provisions relating to Patarrk prayer in this world and the afterlife on the paper in an attractive line of a large and clear and hung in a prominent place in the house.
39 - insisted on your children to pray. And watch for the word (pressed) and not just ordinary thing only, and not your style is acceptable morally repugnant.
40 - Use of positive suggestion, tell Hakid you feel glad you prayed today, all the assumptions at the time) and the like.
41 - Mark to the one who pray regularly have a privileged position, as if in its consultation, or accompanied by some of the things with you .. Give some important powers that distinguish it from others who do not pray regularly.
42 - persisted in the continuous perennial question which is repeated several times a day does not tire you paid, but not so nice with lovely phrases: Do you pray, O God bless you built? Did you pray, O my rose, Lenore is your heart?
43 - Think of your children get used to pray before they get married and have children .. Yes Start from here .. To choose a good wife .. And choose a righteous husband to produce a marriage blessed with good children, God willing.
44 - the exploitation of family gatherings for prayer group, with young adults.
45 - Let them see your tears descend from your eyes and you are warning them of the fire and torment, urging them to goodness and heaven, it makes them feel genuinely talking to and affects them deeply.
46 - If the mother is begin to accustom her children to pray, you, as a father to cooperate with them, at least in the period that could not legally contract of prayer [menstruation - puerperium] because some of the mothers in this period forget to order the children to pray, so the father the responsibility of great before God really care about is enjoined to pray, but if the father is absent, it must be you, dear mother's lack of complacency and inaction is for your children to pray even in times where Tadhiran religiously ..
47 - Explain to your children the verses that talk about the reward and the punishment of worshipers who do not pray and explain their conversations on the subject himself. Must do so, the door of the performance of the Secretariat and the author .. Use the book brief explanation (2) will be your task easy.
48 moderate to praise your child when they pray and educational advocacy tool .. The Messenger of Allaah be upon him: Commending the owners to encourage them to do good, and so I encourage Abdaqays told: "You have two characteristics which Allah loves: the dream, and patience." Narrated by Muslim.
49 - Make sure all the time to compare your children to the delights of Paradise and the blessings of this world, to relate their hearts Balbaqah and work it.
50 whenever you want to perform the Hajj ask your children to perform at the same time to accommodate everyone.
51 word (Pray) alone is not enough, some parents still long years repeating the phrase on his children, even Imloha without realizing its meaning ..
Valold ask himself: Why do they want me to pray ..? Prayer tired.
Hey, well not only to pray Olarkalve enter paradise and who does not pray enters the fire).
Well what Paradise? What fire?
Make it like this and hates that, numismatic has self-motivation for the detailed explanation of these things according to the old ..
52 - Talk to your child the language of emotional Jiahhona love you so much and I am afraid you from the fire .. You will not find the recommended you to like me, you piece of liver will not be easy to be tortured in Hell, I want you in heaven with me, God willing, will not leave you never to be the firewood of hell).
53 - If your child is nearing the age of seven he mentioned his imminent appointment to pray psychological configuration which will facilitate your task later.
54 - took advantage of the questions addressed to you from your children about the other day to link the farmer and the deliverance that day to pray regularly in those days.
55 - House of balance and moderation carrot and stick, no one dominates the other.
56 - must Nsbg our lives and the lives of our children become accustomed divine nature and where our children go back to slavery, the true God Almighty .. So we have to instil in them since childhood faith implications on the performance of Ottrk worship, however, that tell your children that not praying is subject to the death of God, and that the effects of sin in this world before the hereafter .. And that the reasons for the sweetness of life and things easier and success of work to do acts of obedience, especially to maintain the prayers.
57 - between God's blessings for your children a lot about them and told them in detail .. Try to draw their attention to the blessings that do not usually pay attention to human and then most of them that these blessings require us to worship Moneim thanks and prayers to him .. Make them like this Moneim ..
I remember them actually show evidence of the greatness of God and his entitlement to the worship of any of the reality of the boy and the girl child and the reality of life in general, for example: Who gave you grace the mother and father so and so and make an orphan?
It gave you the grace to walk on foot and make the seats So and so?
It gave you the blessings of security and make each other's lives and the fear of war so many years?
58 - Tell your child: prayer apart from the infidels is not only an infidel or a Muslim and there is no middle between them and that you either choose that the .59 to yourself - and thank your child when he leads the prayer, without a mention.
60 - Make sure to pray and Doihm Tabahm it, and prepared on the ears because the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "Do not pray for those who do not have the light" (3)
61 - the thing that he loves your child and told him that in Paradise, like many times and that there is complete pleasure, but who better than him in Paradise.
62 - The mother should tell her daughter that the darkness of sin appears on the face but white skin even if you put a kilo of make-up .. And that the light of obedience appears on the face, though her skin was brown, these things are nothing to do with skin color, no man can be hidden are shown each with vision.
63 - Jahidhm Tgahidhm on prayer as the study .. Even greater.
64 - Quench their stories aiming for: good and bad end - praying - keep it .. Let some stories about some of the earlier and contemporary.
65 - chanted these verses to your children in the different conditions by ordering them to pray: {}, and establish prayer
{Keep the prayers and the middle prayer and stand obedient to Allah [al-Baqarah 238
{Commended to have returned from the * The name of the Lord and prayed! Top 1415
{And establish prayer and pay Zakat and bow with those who bow [al-Baqarah 43
{O my son, and I do pray that he is good and evil, and the patient that what has befallen you from the things} Luqman 17
{And stay in your houses and Tbergn of ignorance, and had had airlifted prayer and Zakat and stab Allah and His Messenger, but God wants you to go home and the people of abomination purify cleansing parties 33}
{And I do pray the parties the day and some hours of the night, the good deeds remove the evil deeds stating that the memory of the HUD 114}
{And made me blessed wheresoever I was recommended to me prayer and almsgiving so long as I live! Mary 31
Woe unto {{4} who are neglectful of their prayers for {5} Ma'un :4-5.
66 - If you want Mother Go to an event accompanied by your daughter and your daughter dress in late do not say to her, pray quickly late, but say: Asraei Tsraei in dress and in prayer .. Not one of your children Topkhi keeping you on your appointment because of the prayer, but ask him to pray in the first and only time.
67 - more than talk about the importance of prayer to God, and on the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell, and the six pillars of faith in general.
68 - pray God has revived the hearts of your children, pray and do not let him .. Invite him in the back of the unseen, and sometimes in front of him.
69 - to contain your heart to true love to your children [in the love of God] that makes you Panchkula, on the road to Paradise and Boadhm to take them and protect them from fire and push them through it.
70 - trust in God and probably the best in complete what I started, and the success of what I sought him, and that tells you the meaning and the fit of your progeny.
71 - tire five years and feel comfortable the rest of your life, happier and goodness of your children if they return at an early age to prayer and good works, especially the first of them juveniles .72 - your children aware of short verses and explained them to understand and preserve it and then reach them.
73 - young Buniatk bought a veil and a rug to encourage them to pray.
74 - Imagine your children are turning into the fire ..
And the children of so and so turning in Paradise ..
If you are a compassionate heart will not leave them to happen .. The author of the false compassion Vsarahmhm from the cold .. And free .. The pleasure of uninterrupted sleep, prayer will not be shaken or instruct them in the harsh living conditions, and so is leaving them to the greatest torment .. If true for mercy from hell .. Where is your love for your children?
75 - Wout between your children when you use a reproach or punishment to fit the psychological and the quality of your child you are dealing with, Valatab or punishment that fit with (Huda) may not work with (age).
76 - Bangbros your children to perform prayers on time:
(A) does not make the lunch time for Zuhr or 'Asr.
(B) do not make dinner time of evening prayers, but a foot or another.
(C) When you choose for your home you should try to be next to a mosque.
(D) provided them with hot water as cold and heat as well as appropriate ..
(E) Give them enough time to sleep, not one of them to sleep just before the prayer then can not wake her.
Example: Some mothers Tnom discerning young children before the evening prayer for the study
And some of the boys ate lunch before the afternoon prayers and then sleeps for a little prayer.
Make sure your children do not sleep until after the performance of duty, especially if approached at the time.
77 - Try to hold them responsible for themselves in worship, as if the frequency of the hearing phrases like: "I commanded you to pray, and you will be held accountable before God, I'm afraid you from the fire and I hope to get into heaven choose for yourself which route you want to ..?".
78 - Quench your child what I heard in the lectures I went to, what I read in books that sees you read .. The tapes, which sees you hear. Which relates to prayer and the other day in general.
* (Shaikh told us today in the lecture about the torment of the grave such and such ..)
* (When I read this book I saw a new piece of information for the fruits of prayer is such and such ..)
* (I heard the tape in this poignant story of one who neglects prayer says such and such ..).
79 - "field work" the whole family around you and your children with them their knowledge practically ablution another day knowing prayer practice. On their last group Pray ..
Make a contest in the correct application of prayer in practice .. And then also the work of the oral competition in matters of jurisprudence relating to simple ablutions and prayer.
The yield practical programs of education in addition to fast not to forget the information.
80 - Find the spirit of competition between your children in worship, work and goods in general, and especially prayer.
81 - Bring your children to books and tapes that talk about: the names and attributes. The rule does not pray, the grave, heaven, fire, and some booklets that contain pictures that explain how to wash and shroud the dead and the sight of the grave and the grave, these are all of the engines that drive hearts and your child to pray.
82 - do not compromise on is your child to pray in different circumstances when it is (outside the home - or patient - in the book - on a visit - days of tests - The days of leave and to ensure - if he sleeps at his relatives).
83 - before the time for prayer twenty minutes, ask your children to prepare themselves for prayer. So get used to recognize takbeer. And therefore can not be too rak'ah rak'ahs and is easy on themselves.
84 - Use - after God - both have to pray, who lives with you in your home such as: the grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, the server .. And others] to contribute their part to urge your children to pray.

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Advice for parents in guiding children to pray
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