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 Comment on an article how to stop smoking

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PostSubject: Comment on an article how to stop smoking   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:29 pm

Smoking scourge of social malicious disruption of humanity and lead to their death and get rid of them as working on many of the bodies, institutions and governments to get rid of the believers in Allah and the Muslims have been raising on smoking in prisons and psychiatric hospitals under the supervision and follow-up to ask God for safety and wellness and the disposal of smoking, it needs a strong will from the person who wants to quit smoking, as mentioned in the article, ways to quit smoking, but there is money very serious not and heya to rely on God Almighty to help quit smoking, using a God pray and thank the son of Omar on this article useful, which operates on development of awareness among people, leading to a subsidy for people to quit smoking and to forward and more of these articles useful social and God is to guide and help
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Comment on an article how to stop smoking
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