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 Of the benefits of the male

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PostSubject: Of the benefits of the male   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:30 pm

In the male about one hundred useful. Ibn al-Qayyim, including:

1. He expelled the devil and oppressing and crushing.

2. That satisfy the Merciful.

3. It eliminates the worry and grief from the heart.

4. It brings joy to the heart and happiness, and rugs.

5. It strengthens the heart and body.

6. Lenore that the face and heart.

7. It brings a living.

8. Remembering that coating the prestige and the sweet and succulent.

9. Aorthh that love which is the spirit of Islam.

10. Aorthh observation that even enter the door of the charity.

11. Aorthh that representation, a reference to God Almighty

12. Aorthh that close to him.

13. It opens a door of the great doors of knowledge.

14. That Aorthh prestige to his Lord and paid tribute.

15. Aorthh that God said to him, as he says: "Therefore remember Me," al-Baqarah: 115].

16. He inherited the life of the heart.

17. That it strengthened the heart and soul.

18. He inherited the evacuation of the heart of the rusty.

19. It degrades sins and take them away altogether, it is the greatest good deeds, and good deeds remove the evil deeds.

20. It removes the alienation between the person and his Lord.

21. That reminds a person of his Lord and majesty praise and faults, when the owner mentioned intensity.

22. If a person known to Allah in prosperity known penis in intensity.

23. Mnjah it from the torment of Allah.

24. That the cause of the descent of tranquility, and the swoon of mercy, angels Hfov Balmakr.

25. That the cause of the functioning of the tongue from backbiting and gossiping, lying, obscenity, and Alba, Tal.

26. That the boards of the male angels councils, boards of idle and negligent boards of demons.

27. He believes a person sorrowfully the Day of Resurrection.

28. Being distracted by the reason for God's bounty to Zakir gives the best questioners.

29. It is the easiest of worship, and it is one of the best.

30. To give thanks who arranged it did not arrange categorize other business.

31. Said that the time of the Lord requires of safety forget which is the cause of misery in his or her slave and together de.

32. It is not something in the works and the conditions prevail in times like this.

33. The male Noor Zakir in this world, and the light of his grave, and the light of him in the Hereafter, trying his hands on the Straight Path.

34. The male top of things, it is open to him when he opened the door to his access to God Almighty.

35. That trait in the heart and privations to be plugged nothing at all except that he had God Almighty.

36. The male brings sporadic, and divides the community, and nearly run, and away soon. Combines what distinguish the slave from his heart and his will, and concerns and invitation to food, and distinguish what met him worry, and distress, and grief, and heartbreak of missed chances and demands, and differentiate also met him of his sins and the sins and died down, and differentiate also met on the war from the soldiers of Satan, The rounded run it almost to the Hereafter, and is near to a minimum.

37. The male call the heart of his sleep, and wake him from his Sunnah.

38. The male trees bear fruit of knowledge and the conditions in which the Shammar Alsaleckon.

39. Remembering that close to the mentioned, are mentioned with him, and this is the brilliance of the company of a private company of science and public briefing, they are close to the company of the state, love, victory and success.

40. The male is amended to free slaves, and the expense money, and beaten by the sword in the way of Allah Almighty.

41. The male head of Thanksgiving, thank God Almighty, what the did not mention.

42. To honor the God of creation of the pious of his tongue is still moist penis.

43. That the severity of the heart not only be fulfilled with Allaah.

44. The male is the heart and heal his medicine, and negligence of his illness.

45. The male is out of pro-God and her head and out of antagonism and the negligence of her head.

46. Gulab it to Yes, the motivation to let God willing.

47. It requires prayer, God and his angels on remembering.

48. That it is willing to live in Paradise in this world, Felictotun boards above, it is Paradise.

49. That the boards of the male bodies of angels, but have no councils are.

50. That God Almighty Balmachrin touted his angels.

51. That the perpetuation of the male acting on behalf of acts of worship, and the substitute, whether physical or financial, physical or financial.

52. That the mention of Allah the Almighty and to obey more aid, it is to make her like a slave, and facilitated it, and Alzzha him, and makes it the apple of his eye.

53. The mention of God from the heart to go and secured by all of his concerns.

54. The male gives the power of remembering, so that he to do with what the male did not endure without it.

55. Who remember Allah much, that they are former workers of the Hereafter.

56. The male is reason to believe the Lord Almighty Abdo, and sincerity, God requested, it is to be gathered with the truthful.

57. That the role of the adoption of Paradise is noteworthy, if held for remembering the male, grabbed the angels for their construction.

58. The male plug between a person and hell.

59. The mention of God easy is difficult, and difficult to facilitate and ease the hardships.

60. That the angels pray for forgiveness for Zakir also pray for forgiveness for the penitent.

61. That the mountains and wasteland boast and encouraged by those who remember Allah the Almighty.

62. That the frequent remembrance of Allah Almighty safety of hypocrisy.

63. Said that the great joy of the good deeds are not similar thereto pleasure.

64. That in the time mentioned in the road, and home, and the Bekaa, multiply witnesses to the Day of Resurrection, the earth to witness Zakir Day of Resurrection.
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Of the benefits of the male
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