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 neighbor Right

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PostSubject: neighbor Right    Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:31 pm

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and
> Arabs were in ignorance of Islam and boast about the good neighbors, and as the price of the neighbor's house

> Ask yourself Tgeorhm neighbors house is not suitable even fit neighbor

> O Muslims: The Prophet: ((good neighbors when God good to the neighbor)), classed Khuzaymah and Ibn Hibbaan

> If the neighbor on the neighbor's rights is great, God had commanded in his book, and on the lips of the Prophet: The worship of God and join none with Him and dutiful to your parents, kinsfolk, orphans, the needy and the neighbor of kin and the neighbor side and Saheb says [women: 36].

> Fear of God - O slave of Allah - in the womb with a near neighbor, your neighbor and a Muslim stranger
> The prophet says: ((still Jibril Iusini neighbor, so I thought it Ciorth)), agreed

> I swear by the Prophet - - three times: ((and does not believe in God, and God does not believe, and God does not believe in)), it was said: O Messenger of God? Said: ((which is not safe from whose harm his neighbor)), means evil Agreed

> Allah Allah - Servants of God - feed them the right neighborhood, and do good with your neighbors biography, Fu is the neighbor of a positive injury to the fire.

> It is not, as you would expect, not as Thspon Thsponh and easy, and when a great

> Narrated from Anas that the Prophet said: ((from the neighbor has hurt my ears and my ears were hurting God)) a

> Oppressed us in this time, turning away from the neighbor, many of the neighborhoods, where the neighbor does not know anything about his neighbor, does not even know his name, not his country, his poverty nor riches nor

> If you have the right of your neighbor, that promised him a disease, even if he dies and that Shiites and you can Astkarzk lent, and the neediest his jacket, and congratulated him hit him good, though hit by a disaster Azith, and build your flying on the construction hurt him.

> If I saw him on the evil Nhih, and if I saw him on Oanth known, perhaps attached to cut your head off the Day of Resurrection, saying: O Lord, the evil has not seen me telling me not Anhena

> Servants of Allah: The limits of the neighborhood not only to figure who was well-deserved, but extend right and left.

> Said Ouzai and Ibn Shihab: Forty houses from each hand, and 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him he hears the call of the neighbor

> What is needed from the people of the neighborhood to visit one another among them; to know each other and combine their hearts.

> And Islamic Arts: Sharing the gift, and a gift, it is softening people's hearts, and hatred go.

> Muslim neighbor and his neighbor commutes patience and seek reward said: ((God - the Almighty - He loves three things: The man whom had a bad neighbor harms Faisbr on harming him is enough, even life or death)) Narrated by Ahmad
> He used to say ..... Not leave the good-neighborly harm, but harm to the patient
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neighbor Right
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