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 Islamic Education

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PostSubject: Islamic Education   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:33 pm

Islam is concerned with education suitable for children, and prepare the appropriate setting so that they become useful members of their faith and their community.
The role of the mother in this area played an influential and dangerous; as they accompany the child from birth to grow up and grow up and become a man depends on himself, and this responsibility is great and hard on the mother, but capable of it, including God-given determination and patience and tenderness to her children.
Has called for the Koran to care for sons, God said: (recommends you God in your children) [women: 11], and said: (O you who believe yourselves and your families against a Fire whose fuel is men and stones) [prohibition: 6], and said, (and is something your family prayer and the Astabr) [Taha: 132], as confirmed by the Prophet (the importance of discipline and nurturing of children (Teach your children to pray when they are seven years, and hit them when they are ten, and separate them in their beds) [Abu Dawood].
The Cut the Koran many forms of discipline and attention Balold such as a will of Luqman to his son.
The mother should work to raise her child Emmanaa and socially, and work ethics on the discipline of Islam.
Spiritual training: including means to strengthen the child's relationship with his Lord, and faith so that it fills his heart. It helps that:
Mustahabb Altaven born in the right ear, and stay in the left ear.
So that the word of monotheism and the slogan of Islam to engage in first thing he heard knocks on the child, the first thing off the tongue.
- The mother reported that the ears are always the words of God, and hear the verses of the Quran, the child if he did not think about what you hear but feel reassured and calm.
- For the mother to help her to distinguish between halal and haram, even the obligation arises on the orders of God and avoid the prohibitions.
- Encourages him to pray and motivated performance.
- They should also be encouraged to save and read the Koran; until his tongue is being used, and elevate his soul, his heart and reverence, and rooted in the same faith and certainty.
- Sowing the seeds of love in his heart to God and His Messenger (and his companions - God bless them -.
- Understanding that God is the Creator of the universe and its maker, and that he should obey him and thank him.
- If the child reached the age of seven, it must order him to pray .. Narrated from the Messenger of Allah (that he said: (Tell the child to pray when he was seven years old) [Abu Dawood].
- Be trained on fasts that make it fast or two hours of the day or some even endure fasting in old age, arises and to obey God and do right, and thanks to him. For spring girl Mu'awwidh said: Send a Messenger of God (the morning of Ashura to the villages of the Ansar (who had become fasting, let him complete his fast, and had become fast, let him complete rest of the day). We used to fast after that and our small children fast - God willing - and we go to the mosque , make them the game of wool, so if one of them cried for food, we give him for breakfast. [Agreed upon].
As well as on the mother to discipline her son to love the Messenger of God (love for each home and reading the Quran .. It was narrated from the Prophet (he said: (or disciplined your children on three qualities: the love of your Prophet, the love of every home and reading the Koran, the campaign of the Koran in light of the throne God on the day no shade but His shade) [al-Dailami.
The mother can take advantage of any opportunity to explain to him the power of God Almighty, ranging from significant to him reasonable, and partial to the kidneys, and the simple to the complex; until you reach the end of the half with him in the matter of faith and conviction and proof.
- They must instill in the same spirit of reverence and piety and servitude to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
Islamic Arts:
- The mother to be careful on the education of her child if the Islamic Arts at the age of six, so get used to it. As if God called him that when eating, and eat with his right hand, and what followed. The Messenger of Allah ((O Ghulam cm God, and your right hand, and all eat with) [Muslim] And the Messenger of Allah (also: (If you eat one of you Vlivkr name of God, the forgot to mention the name of God in the beginning, let him say: (the name of God the beginning and end).
[Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi].
- The mother that instilled in her honesty and sincerity, and that by fulfilling the promises given by him, and be a role model has always been.
- For the mother to learn her baby should not be a hypocrite, with clear signs of the hypocrite are mentioned in the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah (: (signs of the hypocrite are three: when he lies, and if he breaks the promise, he breaks it)
[Agreed upon].
- To learn etiquette sneezing .. Said (: (If one of you sneezes Vlada his hands on his face and lowers his voice) [the ruling, al-Bayhaqi]. And said: ((If one of you sneezes: let him say, thank God, but at least his brother - or its author - God bless you.. If he said God bless you, let him say: to guide you God and the mind works) [Bukhari and Tirmidhi].
- The mother urges him to always remember to say (thank God) at the completion of any work performed. Said: ((The best slaves of God on the Day of Resurrection Alhamadon) [Ahmad].
- And must be confirmed to him that a Muslim is not always Stama nor Ana .. Said (: (reasons Muslim depravity and fighting kufr) [Agreed]. And said: ((not the insured a great deal, not a slanderer or indecent) [Tirmidhi].
They must learn that the right of a Muslim over another are five .. Said: ((the right of a Muslim over another are five: Re peace, visiting the sick, attending funerals, and answer the call, and Tchmidt sneezes) [Agreed].
Mother and great care is keen on the participation of her child - without the intervention and clear - in choosing his friends for their significant impact on the character of her child .. The Messenger of God (: (such as the likeness of the common good, and the likeness of evil is like a pregnant musk, works the bellows, Vhaml musk either Ihvek (give), or purchased it, or find him a good wind, and works the bellows, either burn your clothes, or find him a wind malignant infinite) [Bukhari]. and said: ((one on the religion of his friend, so let one of you Akhall) [Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, Ahmad].
And alerts generated by the etiquette of friendship, greets his friend if he received, and if Aaudh disease, Eshmth If he sneezes, and is appointed in time of need, and if you answer him, he called him and congratulate him on happy occasions
They should always keen to stress to her that his parents by rights, he should Ihtermhma and Ikdarhama and improves them, Vredihama satisfaction of God, said the bulk would in the Holy Qur'an: {And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say the Lord has decreed that you worship none small} [Al-Isra : 24].
The mother should move in the depths of her emotional relationship, and encourages him to link the uterus, to grow in the same love of the links it with them the Association of descent, even if they reach the age of majority has the duty of kindness and charity to them, and can apply that in practice you shall take her child with her when they visit - with a mahram - those associated with their kinship, Viaud Islamic behavior of this child, he says: Worship Allah and join none with Him and dutiful to your parents, kinsfolk, orphans and the needy and the neighbor of kin} [women: 36].
They should explain to him that he must have rights to its neighbors, treat them with kindness, not hurt them, but protect them against those who hurt them .. The Messenger of God (: (and does not believe in God, and God does not believe). It was said: O Messenger of God? Said: (which is not safe from whose harm his neighbor (evil) [Agreed].
And the mother to alert her son to respect the teacher, and reverence, and shame for his mentor, Ezz, his humility and glory .. The Messenger of God (: (not from my nation who did not revere our senior, and mercy to our young ones, and our right to know) [Ahmad].
The mother should know her since childhood literature authorization, so do not enter the house of one without the permission of the owner, with his teaching that asked permission three times before entering, he says: {O you who believe, do not enter houses other than your so Tsanoi and greeted those in them} [light: 27] and saying: {O you who believe, to Astaznkm who proprietary and who have not attained the dream of you three times before the dawn prayer and when you put your clothes in the afternoon and after the evening prayer three SINS you not you do not have sin on Toavon you some of you on some also shows God's you verses and Allah is Knower, Wise} [light: 58].
They should learn how to relieve himself, in places, and must learn to enter these places with his foot left with a commitment duaae entry, which, as the Messenger of Allah (: (the name of Allah, I seek refuge with You from evil and corrupt) [Agreed] .
They learned that the Islamic greeting "Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings."
The mother should Tnverh of lies and liars, he said (: (Beware of lying, for lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to Hell, but the man is lying to write God a liar) [Agreed]. In return, seeking the truth, and reminds him that he created good command of Islam said .. (: (that truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise, and the man to believe until he is a friend of God)
[Agreed upon].
- Must learn that the modesty of the creation of good morals of Islam, said: ((Every religion created, and the creation of Islam, modesty) [Ibn Majah].
- They must instill in his heart of mercy on the poor and needy, until softened his heart .. Said (: (if you want to soften your heart Votam poor, and clear at the top of the orphan) [Ahmad].
Educational taste: The Education of taste and its development in the hearts of our children is required, so the mother to be careful to train her to taste the beauty, with Taouidh to maintain the survival of the beautiful things, do not damage the plants, and picking flowers from the gardens, it is desirable to cost the mother her child under the auspices of some plants found in home decorations Knbataat for example, teach him how to arrange his room, and the organization needs, so get used to the taste of beauty from a young age.
- The taste also learned that the assets of the speech with others, and do not hurt the feelings of others and treat people with respect and courtesy, with the choice of words polite, and reduce the sound, and not increasing it, especially with the Akbrunh of age and above.
- The Messenger of Allah ((How precious young age for an old man, but God sent him to honor him at the age of) [Tirmidhi], and reported that the Messenger of Allah (: (not one of us who did not have mercy on our young ones and respect our old ones) [Tirmidhi].
- And the mother as well as to explain to her that the drawback of each defect that makes fun of the adult, or make fun of him or hurts him literature.
- The increase in accustom the child to respect the great, listening to a kiss the hand of the great private parents and grandparents so arises the boy humility, respect and take down people's homes, provided they are not exaggerate in that not more than in respect of the limit ordered by the sharee'ah Calanhanae while doing or kneel during the kissing .
Social Education:
- The mother should strive to teach her child since its commitment to social ethics utopia derived from our Islamic religion so that the child in the future adhere to without feeling that they are a burden to him, is also the mother of this role on his face right, contributes to the establishment of an Islamic society based on the foundations of morality and Islamic values ​​high.
- So the mother should know her brothers, and love in God ... He says: The believers are brothers [rooms: 10], and said: ((Muslim is the brother Muslim does not oppress him nor betray him nor forsake him not Ahakrh, according to everyone from the evil that insulting his brother Muslim, every Muslim is a Muslim is haram, his blood, his property, and presented, piety here) (three times) and refers to the chest [Tirmidhi]. and he said (: (The believers in their mutual love, sympathy, mercy is like one body complained if it joins the other members of his restlessness and fever) [Muslim].
- They should learn altruism, which is: to prefer others to himself in good works, and can be trained to give something, however, that loves great love, and ask him gently and tenderness to give to his brother, Viaud early age the habit of the Islamic High .. He says: The influence on themselves even if their merit and the same lack of Aouk Those are the successful} [Al-Hashr: 9].
- The mother and her child to learn tolerance and forgiveness when estimated, if it attacked a child, the mother ask him to forgive, and forgive him, because God loves people who pardon .. He says: {And who repress anger and who pardon men, and Allah loves the doers} [Al-Imran: 134].
- They must learn courage and daring and say the word right, and can be applied in a practical way, and if a mistake, and realized the child so Vnnbhha to the error, it Tanfe or punish him on his boldness, even encouraged, so that says to him: Yes, a mistake I will not repeat that again. Bold, brave child arises, do not keep silent on the right in the future, as it has in since childhood.
Sex education:
The mother to:
- Correction of information and ideas and the wrong directions to some common patterns of sexual behavior.
- Raising children to cover their nakedness even grow up on modesty and decency.
- The development of conscience in relation to any sexual behavior done by the child to not only make him feel respected, including the same.
- Differentiate between sons and daughters in their beds if they reach ten years .. It was reported from the Prophet (he said: (Teach your children to pray when they are seven years old, and smack them for ten, and separate them in their beds) [Abu Dawood and Ahmad].
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Islamic Education
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