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 Essay on tolerance

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PostSubject: Essay on tolerance   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:34 pm

. What is tolerance??

Tolerance is to have an open heart, and not feel angry and negative feelings of the person who
Front of you, tolerance is a sense of internal peace, and allow yourself to learn from the error and then
Transcend yourself.

Tolerance to learn that humans are sinners there is nothing wrong their mistake.

In the language of tolerance: tolerance

Tolerance half happiness.

Tolerance can ask of God, and allow remission.

Tolerance and tolerance to your parents and your children and others.

Sense of tolerance and the creation of Sam Fadel.

Tolerance through Paradise.

Tolerance is not easy but it is up to him happy.

Tolerance on a daily basis.

Tolerance to allow yourself to enjoy all your energy.

Tolerance is high status.

Tolerance is a request to allow yourself and others.

If what is tolerance??
Is the feeling of my heart ..

Exercise bubbles ..
1. Think of the person criticizing you, or fear of the stinging face or someone bothering you.
2. Criticizes you imagine ..
3. Write your feelings on a scale of 0_10, (0 means you do not feel something 0.10 means that it destroys your life)
4. Imagine this person in a plastic bowl.
5. Remove the person from the pot and let it criticizes you and you will notice that your feelings toward him down.
6. Prepared to the bowl and imagine the bubbles out of it.
7. Directed and you will notice that your feelings are also trend down.
8. Prepared to the bowl and imagine the bubbles come out of all parts of the body and people will find funny.
9. Now directed from the pot and let it criticizes.
10. Type of feelings 0_10
11. What do you notice pain down your feelings, if not declined to the degree that you want to then bring in the vessel
And make the situation more funnier.
Agiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and criticism is no longer painful after today ..

Why can not we forgive?
Brought to you 15 reasons why people do not Asamehon:
1. So as not to hurt ourselves.
2. Because that person deserves punishment.
3. Because it will repeat the error
4. Forgiven if I am weak
5. If you have forgiven him, shared to do.
6. I get the space.
7. To earn any retaliation.
8. To be stronger.
9. Tolerance with them is stupid.
10. Oavgahm I believe.
11. I forgive bad behavior
12. Saptli forgiven them, if from God
13. This is wrong, why forgive him
14. If you do not have forgiven him the best of it.
15. If you do not forgive him, I do I control it.
>>> Reasons for this lack of forgiveness does that deserves to Ansameh others.

Exercise balloon .. 1.
1 - Be in a quiet place and close your eyes.
2. Take a deep inhale.
3. Imagine your anger in a person comes out with yourself and fill in the balloon.
4. Then imagine a balloon to go away to disappear ..
>>>>>>>>> The same for your anger ..
This is not Finally, I want to tell you Bmoaaz useful to me and you ..

Said one of those who know: If I let on who has wronged you, Allah Almighty says: there is another call to you, the you will, and has responded to you, if you wish Sekma spontaneous and the Day of Resurrection ..

This last talk to will tell you to Dear meaning I do not remember a text:
That a person comes on the oppressed in the hands of God says so and so that any Aarba Vaqss wronged him my right to take any of Saiati and put him or his good deeds and put it on ..
He says God Almighty to his servant: see .. If so look for the beauty of heaven Vionnbhr says: Aarba is this paradise for any prophet to any friend of any martyr ..
He says God: It's you forgiven your brother ..
He says Aarba forgiven my brother ..
Allaah says: 'However, the thigh of your brother and go to heaven together ..
God is great God is great ..
The Glory of God ..

Why do not tolerate your brother??!
This is not arrogance and cruelty??!
Why all this hatred??

That the world is the demise of the thigh of a companion may benefit you in your latter days ..
Valrafiq is the one who forgives his brother and does not carry him any ill will or hatred ...

Start now and the first tolerance of Tolerance (yourself) ..
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Essay on tolerance
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