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 Good to deal with servants

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PostSubject: Good to deal with servants   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:36 pm

In the name of God the Merciful.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

.. Good to deal with servants ..

Lots and lots of Muslims in this world in their midst spread of this crippling disease, which is not related to our religion and not to our habits and traditions, nothing.
He is not ill-treatment of servants and maids who work for us and Skm God to our service.

Islam urged us where the good treatment
Because the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (slaves are your brothers, God made them under your hands, it was under his brother Vlaitamh than eat, wear and wear, which, in Tklvohm what shall overcome them, what shall overcome them, the Kfattmohm Voaanohm)

This hadeeth of the Prophet peace be upon him not only urges us to treat them good but on the equality of those who serve them because they are Muslim and the other brother to us before they are servants under the servant because of worldly needs to live and toil on their children and their parents.

Some points that must be taken into account in dealing with the servants:

1_ Tgeraham and not insulted and beaten because the insult to the Muslim religion were forbidden by the religion.
2_ not assigned a lot of things that increase their potential.
3_ Mraat health conditions and mental illness in the event of an emergency or a circumstance to them.
4_ providing food and drink and appropriate clothing.
5_ teach children how to deal with them.
6_ given their rights and their wages on time and not Tnqasa them without justified cause.
For saying peace be upon him: (Give the employee his wages before his sweat dries.)
7_ teach and educate them as ignorant of matters of religion and the world in an appropriate manner.

Of course, this should also apply to non-Muslims because Islam urged them on this.
And who knows, may Allah guide them to Islam after they see a good deal.

And Hmaenbtbak also Mozevin and working under the servant.

At the end of the matter I hope that permeated the interest of all
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Good to deal with servants
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